5 Reasons For Low Testosterone


When it comes to sex, it’s all about testosterone. According to research done by the World Journal of Urology, the male sex hormone is responsible for “enhancing libido, the frequency of sexual acts, and sleep-related erections.”

Testosterone works by igniting the sites in the brain for sexual stimulation. After these areas are accessed, a chain of biochemical events is set in motion to promote libido, increase nerve receptors, and widen blood vessels to allow the rush of blood to the groin.

Without it, you’re hopeless. And even though you may think T-levels have everything to do with age, there are some lifestyle factors you could be indulging that directly lead to less testosterone and therefore a poor sex life.

Take a look at this list to find out where you could use some help.


One of the worst things you can do for your sex life is letting stress get to you. Not only can stress take you out of the mood because you’re feeling tired and anxious, it can also trigger the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is notorious for activating the fight-or-flight response that leads to comfort eating and abdominal fat. Too much weight gain and heightened blood sugar is notorious for decreasing testosterone levels and therefore sinking your ability to perform in the bedroom.


If you’re in too much of a rush to pack a lunch every morning, instead opting for the convenience and comfort of the drive-through lane, you could be putting your love life on the line. Not only does fast food lead to a wider waistline and less testosterone, it also triggers mood swings, a decreased libido, and a smaller sperm count.

That’s because fast food is high in saturated fats. While saturated fats have sometimes been linked to higher testosterone levels, improper balance in your fat consumption will actually harm your T-levels. Instead, look for foods that balance saturated fats with mono- and polyunsaturated fats—otherwise you’ll be flabby as well as flaccid.


Testosterone can be increased naturally by engaging in compound exercises like bench presses, shoulder presses, dead lifts, and squats. If you engage in strength training for about 45 to 60 minutes three days out of the week, you’ll be in a prime position to increase muscle fibers and boost T-levels.

By that same standard, slacking on your exercise will depress testosterone production, leaving you unable to perform. The effect is also psychological—lack of exercise can lead to depression, lethargy, and weight gain, and when you’re not feeling in control of your life, you don’t feel in control of your libido either.

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Smoking tobacco actually temporarily raises testosterone levels, but over time it can make your body dependent on tobacco for testosterone production. In general, clinical studies have found that male cigarette smokers have less testosterone than do male nonsmokers, leading to a lower sex drive and a poor sex drive.

Smoking also adversely affects the male reproductive system. If you smoke, you’re continually damaging your sperm, affecting the other hormones in your body, reducing blood flow to the penis, and lowering ejaculate, which results in lower sex drive as well as lower satisfaction.


This may surprise you, but by neglecting your partner and having a less active sex life, you’re actually running the risk of losing testosterone and not being able to perform when you do want to have sex.

According to research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, low testosterone levels lead to low sex drive, which makes it even more difficult for the body to produce testosterone. By contrast, when you do have sex frequently, you’re increasing your T-levels and fueling an even greater libido.

All the more incentive to get back into the bedroom, then.


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