Low Testosterone can affect many aspects a mans life and over time, these can compound into some symptoms that can be hard to overcome. Some men experience these symptoms for so long that they often forget what its like not to have them. Here are the symptoms most often experienced with Low Testosterone:


Diminished Libido

Testosterone is the main drive behind a mans sex drive and confidence. As a man ages, he can experience low testosterone levels. This can places strains on marriages and relationships.

Moods Swings and Depression

Sometimes without realizing, men can go through sudden mood swings when they have low testosterone. As one of the regulatory hormones in the body, testosterone helps to keep moods and emotions steady. Any change in that can be apparent to friends and family.

Muscle Loss

Testosterone is a building component for muscles. Testosterone binds to receptors in the muscles telling them to activate and grow when engaged. If the muscles dont have adequate levels of testosterone, muscle growth can be inhibited.

Sleep Inconsistency

Low Testosterone can cause irregularities in sleep patterns, causing symptoms such as insomnia and poor quality of sleep. Testosterone Therapy can help to regulate sleep patterns.

Lack of Focus and/or Lack of Energy

Sometimes the two go hand in hand. Low testosterone can affect drive and initiative and men experiencing it often report they just arent motivated to push themselves or to try new things. This is obviously a no-go in your career and home life.

Hair Loss

As men age, they often go through the difficult struggle of hair loss. This can be attributed to low testosterone, which prohibits its derivative, DHT, to promote healthy hair production and growth. Without the right levels of testosterone, you might be losing your hair quicker than you need to.