The Decline Of Testosterone

The Decline Of Testosterone And Why You Need To Fight Back

<PICTURE>Did you know that in the last two decades, America has seen a marginal decline in testosterone? In a long term study spanning from 1987 to 2004 known as The Massachusetts Male Aging Study, researchers found that there was around a 20% drop in serum testosterone levels. They commented that the differences were not very large, but still troubling. Why? Because the drop occurred over a short enough time period to raise concern. This decline in testosterone is scary! How far has our manly hormone fallen at this point? Is our testosterone just going to keep dropping until our testicles fall off too?We dont care to find out.

These numbers are scarily real, we can see in the graph below how much levels have dropped since 1987.


What Is Causing The Decline Of Testosterone?

Obviously most of us here are health oriented people so we already know smoking is a big no-no, regardless of its supposed testosterone boosting benefits. You can read what researchers found about smoking and testosterone here.


Since the The Massachusetts Male Aging Study was conducted, researchers were unable to fully conclude certain lifestyle factors like obesity and smoking. Like you saw above, men who smoked were found to have higher levels of testosterone than men who didnt. What they did find was that these changes were found across the generations.

Essentially, we have gained weight and started smoking less which they kind of narrowed down to be contributing factors (though the smoking aspect in my opinion is questionable). I should also mention that we have increased the amounts of medications we take as a society. These medications have a negative effect on the endocrine system which is responsible for testosterone production as well as general hormonal balance. This is the reason we need to make huge lifestyle changes to increase our overall health and reduce the need for medications.

How Do We Fight The Decline Of Testosterone?

Obesity has been a growing epidemic in the US for a long time now. Our first step in fighting the decline of testosterone and restoring overall hormonal balance lies in getting and maintaining control of our weight.

Our BMI (Body Mass Index) is basically a number that is determined by your weight and height. It has three categories which are Healthy Weight, Overweight, and Obese. If you refer to the chart below, you can measure your height and weight and find your BMI there.


Although this blog will contain many items on how to boost your testosterone naturally, what we can conclude from this post is that we need to get our weight in check and start smoking. Just kidding. Whatever effect on increasing testosterone smoking may have is futile compared to the many other disastrous health effects it has on our bodies. And if you do smoke, STOP. It is not worth the countless diseases it can cause. Remember, what good is increased testosterone when your smoking habit is affecting your ability to get it up in bed? Although youll see me talk a lot about the benefits of increased testosterone, lets have a look at a few now.

Some Benefits Of Increased Testosterone

  • More Muscle, and Less Fat If youve been a skinny-fat kid all of your life, now is the time to check those testosterone levels. A study that was done on 108 men showed that the treatment of testosterone drastically decreased fat, and quite a bit of that being in the arms and legs. These men also saw an increase in muscle mass. What are you waiting for?
  • Higher Libido When you get aroused, your testosterone levels increase. This is why high testosterone is good not only to increase desire, but continually raise testosterone with it. So it is a cycle essentially. Raise your testosterone, increase desire, and in turn keep raising your testosterone. Get to it!
  • Cardiovascular Health When your body doesnt have much testosterone to work with, it can actually affect the health of your heart. Low levels of testosterone have been linked to a myriad of cardiovascular risks and its been shown that increased testosterone can wide your coronary arteries.
  • A Better Mood When you have optimized testosterone levels, your entire outlook on life is enhanced. Feelings of motivation and overall quality of life increase significantly. Although most studies were done on men who received hormone replacement therapy, it doesnt mean that it cant be done naturally. Unless you have hypogonadism, your lifestyle will greatly affect your levels of testosterone.